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Meet Preeya

Certified Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Artist

Preeya was born in Chiang Mai Thailand and lives with her husband and two children in Holly Springs NC. She is one of the original Permanent Makeup Artists in the Raleigh area with her business starting here in 2017. Prior to 2017, Preeya was the owner of a skin care clinic in Thailand that also did waxing and various other beauty services including permanent makeup from 2011 until she moved to North Carolina in 2017. Preeya has earned multiple awards for permanent makeup and microblading. She has trained under experts from South Korea and Thailand. She has various certifications in not only permanent makeup but in 3d tattoo art, black and white realism for tattoo art, and breast restoration techniques. She has also received training from one of the top international hospitals for health and safety and the prevention of blood borne pathogens as it pertains to the tattoo environment. Preeya is kind and easy going with the highest quality work available anywhere. She is without question, an amazing artist, and amazing human.

Beautiful Preeya Dusirad
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