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Choose Wisely

I thought is was time to make a few statements regarding the state of the industry in North Carolina and more specifically, the research triangle.

When we first opened our studio a few years ago, there were only a handful of permanent makeup studios in the triangle. Today there are many people performing permanent makeup, mostly only doing microblading. Chances are, most of them received their microblading training in 2 to 3 day schools with "enhanced" online training. I can tell you that this is absolutely not enough no matter how skilled a person may be. There are so many aspects of this technique including the artistry of creating hair strokes, the understanding of depth, undertones, pigments, cleanliness and safety including the control and exposure to blood borne pathogens, and before and aftercare, and even design and creation of an eyebrow shape that compliments a persons face. It is impossible to teach, and much less learn how to perform a microblading procedure from a 2 to 3 days course. You should ask the provider about their training background.

Recently, through the rumor mill, we heard of someone criticizing our studio for using topical anesthetic before starting a microblading procedure. Let me tell you something, if someone that is performing a microblading procedure, without anesthetic, run out the front door. There is no reason in the world not to use it. Since the invention of microblading, topical anesthetic has been used for microblading procedures. There is zero pain in our studio during a microblading procedure.

Ask about insurance. Not the normal liability insurance for the property of slip and fall claims, but insurance for the procedures actually being performed by the person cutting or sticking needles in your face. Every business on earth carries a liability policy covering the work they perform, from the painter, electrician, your food sellers and your doctors and plastic surgeons. In the Triangle, it is estimated that 80% of the people performing permanent makeup procedures, DO NOT have insurance coverage for the work they are performing. It is not required by the state, and very difficult to obtain. We are insured by Lloyds of London and have been from the first day.

Microblading and tattooing are not the same. The technique and process is completely different. You could be a tattoo artist for 20 years, but that doesn't make you a microblading artist automatically. Microblading goes against everything that body tattooing is. The products, inks and pigments,techniques, and tools are completely different. Choose the person by their microblading training, not by their tattooing experience. Permanent makeup and microblading is permitted under a Tattoo Permit in North Carolina. Someone just showing you their tattoo permit does not mean they have had any or adequate

permanent makeup training.

Permanent Makeup takes a lot of experience to master. The rush of new people performing it in the area is a product of lack of controls by the state and schools that come in from out of state for a few days, charge an exorbitant amount of money, and "certify" a group of people with dreams of becoming a true permanent makeup artist. In fact, they are just robbing them and leaving them with broken promises. It is sad really. However, this sad reality shouldn't be

something that a client should have to bare by having a botched permanent makeup procedure done on their face.

Chose your permanent makeup artist carefully. There is no magic in it. It takes time to learn it and even longer to master it. Everyone's skin is different. There is no single recipe for a perfect permanent makeup procedure. Choose a studio that has a step by step approach with a long diverse client list. We are one of those studios. And for some reason you don't choose us, we will be happy to refer you to others in the area that your face will be safe in their hands. It's the right thing to do for the benefit of our industry.

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